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Henry & Glenn Forever

While Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins are not gay, Henry & Glenn Forever sure likes to toy with the idea and put that image in all of our heads. In this satirical, amusing graphic novel series, created by Tom Neely, there are several scenarios where Glenn and Henry are shown as a couple at home, often times referencing Misfits, Danzig, Black Flag, or Rollins Band songs.

In one particular comic, Glenn is bending over and asking Henry, “Do these pants make my butt look fat?” with Henry standing behind him, slight grin on his face, replying, “Yes.” In one particularly funny comic, Glenn and Henry both have puppets on their hands, Henry’s puppet saying to Glenn’s, “Hi Mr. Sad-Muffin, what time is it?” and Glenn’s puppet replying, “It’s puppet play-time!”

There are plenty more, with one comic making a romantic routine out of the lyrics of Rollins’ “Liar,” another with Glenn in Norman Bates mode, dressed in drag, referencing The Misfits’ “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?”

What do they think of being portrayed as a gay couple? Well, Henry Rollins is quoted twice: on the back cover and on a page of praise on a page inside of the book.

“Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would NOT be amused.” – Henry

“You know why I’m depicted in a comic? Because I am fuckin’ famous.” – Henry

What’s the perspective of the publisher? Joe Biel, owner and manager of Microcosm Publishing, says he wouldn’t use the word controversial, but there are downsides and upsides.

“Danzig’s current drummer, a reportedly nice guy, told Tom Neely, the creator, that he was ‘the worst kind of fan’ when they were seated next to each other on a plane back from NYC to LA,” said Biel. “But the best aspect of the series is, of course, watching numerous journalists bringing up the comic to the real people in interviews and Henry Rollins adeptly managing his public relations skills, while Glenn Danzig develops his, uh, less adept ability to express himself.”

And how many copies of Henry & Glenn Forever have been sold? Biel says that it has sold 71,000 copies to date. It’s not too surprising, especially since this has become an underground favorite amongst punk rockers and comic fans.

While nothing is really erotic about the comic with these 2 buffed out, aging alternative icons, there’s a real playful kind of sexiness to it. Plus it’s funny to imagine how Henry Rollins would be if he put aside his anger issues and got in touch with his feminine side. Glenn Danzig, with his muscles and that scowl on his face, is also shown in a lighter heart manner throughout the comic series, also getting in touch with his femme side. In general, it’s more hilarious than it is suggesting of any erotic thought, even though some of us gay people who know who the both of these guys are, wouldn’t mind watching them engage in some hot, sweaty man sex. 

Henry & Glenn Forever is $6.00 and is available at Microcosm Publishing 

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