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Powered Wig Machine - ‘Supa-Collider’


Powered Wig Machine is a band on a rise. In 2009, they released their EP, Bearded Goddess, and tomorrow they will independently release their first full-length album, Supa-Collider.

I recently had a chance to interview Wayne Rudell (vocals/guitar) for a show that the band will be playing on March 15 in Palm Desert for the CV Independent. The interview has not been released online yet and is in print only, but I also agreed to review the new album for my blog.

The band label themselves as a “stoner rock” band, which also includes the “Desert Rock” label that bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, and many others fall under. When it comes to Powered Wig Machine, you can certainly expect the fuzz guitar sound, the bluesy guitar solos, and the heavy riffs. Hailing from Tombstone, AZ, you can tell this band has desert rock running through their veins.

One thing Rudell explained to me about the new album is that it’s a concept album rooted in the band’s love of comic books and is actually based on a comic concept they had that has been shelved and work-in-progress over the years.

The first track, “At the Helm of Hades,” starts off the album alternating between blues riffs to heavy riffs. When you get into the third track, “Here Come the Freaks,” it starts to really take off at that point. The band really rocks out on “Wizard of Orgy.”

All of the album’s 7 tracks are some deep cuts that go beyond the “stoner rock” and “desert rock” monikers. There’s some outside influences on this record that you’ll be able to pick up on throughout the entire thing. “Wizard of Orgy” has a little bit of a gospel in it, and it really works well. “Supa-Collider,” the title track, explodes with energy from the get go.

I have a feeling we’re going to hear a lot of things about this band in the very near future. Rudell said that he felt the band wasn’t ready to raise the bar and take it to the next level as far as a recording career goes, but they’re certainly ready at this point.

If you want a copy of “Supa-Collider,” visit the band’s Bandcamp page HERE